Masonry & Repair

  • Hilton Hotel Chicago | Chicago, IL
  • Shelf Angle Flashing & Masonry Repair
  • Masonry Wall Construction
  • Masonry Wall Bracing
  • Rebuilding of Brick Cladding
  • Parapet Restoration

From common brick to structural concrete block and tuckpointing to new construction, Design Installation Systems has the expertise, staff and equipment to handle your masonry project. Masonry restoration requires skilled, quality people to succesfully complete the process. An aesthetically pleasing, high quality and long lasting solution is the goal of any masonry project undertaken.

At DIS, our team of masons and technical support staff complete technically innovative masonry projects on a daily basis. Size and complexity of projects range from standard maintenance to site cleanup and rebuilding after a major structural or aesthetic failure. Every project is developed and implemented with industry standards met or exceeded for structural viability, safety and performance.

Masonry services DIS provides include; parapet wall rebuilding, brick replacement, tuckpointing, shelf angle and lintel replacement, limestone and terra cotta repair and replacement, cleaning, caulking and sealant repair.