Concrete & Precast

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  • Driveway Concrete Pouring
  • Precast Concrete Repair
  • Precast Concrete Repair

Concrete is often used for building facades, parking structures, and structural beams and columns. While concrete is strong and durable, inspection and preventative maintenance is required to ensure safety and continued performance. Furthermore, defects and issues in concrete construction often make themselves evident only after several years have passed since the structure was originally constructed. Once deficiencies become evident, inspection and proper repair are required. Ignoring existing minor concrete problems is one of the most consistent causes of major-scale restoration work.

Design Installation Systems has completed concrete repairs of all types, applications and complexities. Building facades and structural repairs require specialized equipment, skilled technical staff people who are capable of assessing damage/issues and concrete specialists who succesfully repair the issues. DIS staff are ready to address any concrete repair needs, whether they exist on the vertical exterior face of a building, an underground garage slab, or anywhere in between.