Coatings & Sealants

  • Concrete Coating
  • Concrete & Balcony Coating
  • Window Perimeter Sealant & Glazing
  • Plaza Sealing
  • Steel Window Restoration
  • Sealant

A structure's ability to remain impervious to the weather begins with the integrity and quality of the sealants applied to the exterior walls. Most buildings use coatings to protect the exterior substrate from the harsh effects of sun, wind, precipitation and pollution that is the Chicagoland climate. As with any other aspect of a structure, coatings and sealants require periodic inspection, maintenance and periodic replacement. Design Installation Systems has maintained a prominent position as a premier sealer/painter/coater since its inception. Our mission has always been to provide quality application of select grade materials that are correctly matched for the type of substrate.

The vital issue related to maintenance and repair of coatings and sealants is useful life. At DIS, we have developed excellent working relationships with the prominent national coating and sealant manufacturers. These relationships are necessary in acquiring manufacturer-backed warranties, and assuring a properly installed sealant or coating. We take great pride in the proper preparation and application of these products, assuring an aesthetically pleasing finished product that provides long term service and an excellent return on investment.