Design Installation Systems, Inc. (DIS) was founded in 1982 with a commitment to quality and value-driven services in the exterior restoration field. Based in Morton Grove, Illinois, DIS has made a substantial investment in plant and equipment to support this commitment. DIS is unique in the exterior restoration field today as a company that has not merely survived into the new millennium, but one who has thrived as well. That it has done so is a testament to the vision and flexibility of its leadership and its commitment to a staff that provides an ever-increasing quality of service. This vision and flexibility enables DIS to capitalize on the expanding economy and the opportunities that lie ahead.

DIS has completed more than $200 million of projects in the City of Chicago and surrounding metropolitan area since its inception. Today, the firm provides a diverse range of exterior restoration services to its clients including exterior cleaning, brick masonry rebuilding, tuckpointing, terra cotta replacement, full depth and dutchman-style stone replacement, concrete patching, balcony repairs and waterproofing, caulking, fašade painting, parking structure repairs, and plaza deck restorations.

Innovation in solving clients' exterior restoration needs and the commitment to meet the complex challenges of each and every project are company hallmarks that have led to the highest quality performance and a new level of standard setting for client service. The diversity of expertise in many areas found at DIS stems from the unique and expanding projects it undertakes on a yearly basis. This versatility has allowed DIS to become a regional leader in the areas of exterior restoration noted above.

The services performed on Design's projects are carried out by trained mechanics in the field of exterior restoration. These personnel include tuckpointers, masons, concrete finishers, caulkers, waterproofers and laborers. The office staff is comprised of skilled professionals in the areas of estimating, project management and field operations. Together they work to form a synergetic approach to solve the unique challenges each project brings including site logistics, material handling and storage, material specifications, scheduling and subcontracting.